"Loyalty, professionalism and experience - the basis of successful cooperation."

Chairman of the Board

Kristīne Niedre

The company was founded on September 1, 2009. It was created by real estate professionals with several years of experience in the industry. Currently, the company employs 18 Real Estate Specialists.

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More than 2500 deals have been concluded during the company's existence.


Our goal is quality - to be the best, providing our clients with impeccable real estate solutions. Precisely due to professional, hard work and care for the quality of the work done, the company has grown so fast, becoming one of the best known real estate agencies in Latvia.


Perseverance, care for reputation and every customer. One of the first and increasingly important goals is to achieve customer satisfaction and a desire to recommend Kivi to others. Regular customer care for many years is the reason why Kivi Real Estate's achievements are often seen in the Land Register's biggest business charts of the week.

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#KIVIREALESTATE #vērtības #rezultāts #lojalitāte #vairāknekāprasīts #personības #ētika #izprast #izzināt #pieredze #profesionalitāte

KIVI commercial properties

The commercial property team is responsible for all segments of commercial objects - retail space, offices, industrial properties, investment objects and commercial construction land.

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KIVI living space

Rent and sale of these objects. The Living space team is responsible for renting and selling apartments and houses, as well as selling land.

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