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KIVI REAL ESTATE agency has earned a lot of trust and partnerships. We have fruitful partnerships with embassies, bank subsidiaries and companies, both local and international, as well as an extensive portfolio of private clients. Our real estate agency concludes several hundred deals a year, from smaller-scale sales, rent and lease agreements, to multi-million investment deals.
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Professional brokers for your property deals

KIVI brokers will conduct a professional market analysis to determine the best possible price for the property The best price is determined by analyzing market competition, the potential bank assessed value and the situation in your property-specific segment. Thus you get professional and quality information about your options. Our brokers will enter the market with accurate information, high-quality photos and the best price for you. Are you selling your property? Choose KIVI real estate brokerage.

Benefits of working with real estate agents

A real estate agent will help you get the most out of your property sale. Why choose brokerage services?

Real estate brokerage services

By choosing KIVI brokerage services, you get a high-quality real estate sales service that includes a range of activities to help you find the perfect buyer for your property.

  • These include, but are not limited to, effective marketing campaigns tailored specifically to your property (banners on the top real estate websites, digital marketing campaigns, brochures for residents in your area, and identifying potential customers who are looking for similar properties in Riga).
  • The property will also be listed on the most popular advertisement portals (e.g.,,, ensuring maximum exposure. We ensure quality services to every potential customer.
  • Our brokers are professionally trained in sales and will help you formulate the main advantages of the property and to pitch it to potential buyers in order to sell with the best profit possible.
  • Each real estate agent focuses on a particular region or property type. This provides much better knowledge of the relevant market and allows to find potential buyers faster.

KIVI Real estate agency represents your interests

KIVI represents only the interests of our client - the property seller/lessor. Our brokers work to get the most advantageous deal for you, both financially and legally. Moreover, we not take commissions from tenants/buyers.

According to customer reviews, our website is one of the most transparent websites with quality listings. It has a regular audience of serious and determined buyers or tenants looking for a property. We will be happy to list your property offer on it.

A proactive real estate agency

By choosing to partner with our real estate brokers, you can be sure of a proactive selling process, both for commercial and residential properties. Our company has a Commercial Department, whose real estate agents work with the largest Latvian and international companies and funds, as well as their owners and managers. Calls, e-mails, company visits, partnerships with other real estate agents - this is what help us proactively sell your property at the best price for you. Furthermore, our real estate company lists many properties that help attract more customers! Often, a property we offer does not suit a potential buyer. So, we can offer them your property instead.

If you are looking for a diligent, proactive and trusted real estate agency, consider KIVI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Brokers act as intermediaries between the buyer and the seller to effectively conclude deals. Real estate brokers specialize in selling, renting and buying real estate. They help the property seller/lessor find a buyer/tenant, or find the most suitable real estate property for a buyer/tenant to purchase or rent. Real estate agents know the market situation and the finer details of transactions, which allows them to provide their clients with the most profitable deals.
KIVI brokerage services do not require prepayment. You will pay the real estate agent fee after our brokers have found a buyer for your property, the re-registration of the property is complete and the buyer has paid the full purchase sum into your bank account.
A real estate agency is a company that specializes in selling, buying or renting real estate. It acts as an intermediary between property sellers and buyers, providing professional support throughout the transaction process.
KIVI real estate agency helps with selling both commercial properties and residential properties (apartments and houses).
Our brokers are professionals in their field and proactively implement a range of activities (market analysis, marketing campaigns, listing on ad sites, professional sales, property pitching, document preparation etc.) to help you sell your property as profitably as possible.
Fill out the application form and our agents will contact you to help. Choosing a reliable real estate agency will help you get a safe and profitable deal. When you work with us, you can be sure that you will get the best possible price. We will provide professional property sales and legal support according to your specific situation.